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    Short-Term Rental (STR) Property
    Management in Texas

As travel agencies such as Airbnb and VRBO expand, streamlined management becomes more crucial for you as a property owner. Twinity provides full-service assistance with short-term rental (STR) property management in Texas. You get to have a hands-off management experience while we help you generate more income with our efficient oversight.

Property management firms provide valuable services to owners of long-term rentals. However, what about short-term rentals? Count on Twinity for professional short-term rental (STR) property management in Houston, San Antonio, and Texas. From listing setup to property care to marketing, we handle every aspect so you can enjoy all the benefits that come with your rentals.

Onboarding and Marketing

STR owners generally require more marketing efforts than long-term rental owners. With a higher turnaround, you’re continually looking for your next guest. Twinity creates property listings for you, making your place market-ready in weeks. Our services include:

  • Furnishing and staging if needed
  • Photography
  • 3D virtual tours

Attracting new guests is a priority that calls for an established and active online presence. It’s vital during the off-season when demand fluctuates. We implement pay-per-click campaigns and targeted social media posts to draw attention to your listing.

Home Care and Management

Due to routine guest turnover, STRs require frequent cleaning services. Our STR property management company employs cleaning professionals with extensive training on our high standards.

Maintenance is also a priority with high traffic in and out of your property. Providing routine maintenance completely free of charge, Twinity oversees minor and major repairs and maintenance vendors such as pool upkeep, pest control, and lawn care. Free maintenance is a unique service that sets us apart from other property management companies. If our maintenance team can fix it, we will fix it for free. We’re not just talking about changing light bulbs. We’ve saved thousands for our clients on expensive repairs, including major issues like leaks due to burst pipes, plumbing issues, full-house painting jobs, carpet cleaning, furniture repair, and much more!

Your listing’s price needs to match the local market. However, demand changes, inflation, and business expenses also play into the equation. Twinity handles pricing optimization, keeping your listing in the best range.

STR property management in Texas requires abiding by state law. Twinity oversees tax collection and remittance, licensing, and permit management following Texas mandates.

Owner Support Services

We understand that although we provide full-service management, you want to stay updated. Twinity has a portal for homeowners to view reservations and communicate with us 24/7.

Guest Experience Management

Guest communication is demanding for short-term rentals. We take care of details such as:

  • Checking guests in and out
  • 24/7 Guest support
  • Answering questions about the property
  • Restocking and managing guest supplies

We provide personalized guestbooks with recommendations for local attractions and services.

Advantages of Twinity Services

We set ourselves apart from the competition by:

  • Providing free routine maintenance for property repairs
  • Allowing property owners to have a fully hands-off experience
  • Supplying a dedicated cleaning team with accountability and commitment to your property
  • Using daily price monitoring and optimization

Our full-service method gives you the freedom to focus on growing your business.

Trust Twinity With Your Rentals

As platforms such as VRBO and Airbnb continue to offer temporary accommodation options all over the United States, strategic management is vital in ensuring that your rentals remain profitable while delivering superior value to your guests.

An STR property management company with full-service management can benefit your business. At Twinity, we provide short-term rental management in Houston and San Antonio to help you make the most of your properties. Contact Twinity today to learn how we can help you.

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Rental Property Management Services

At Twinity, we support both you and your guests from start to finish. Our short-term rental (STR) property management in Texas includes several core service categories.

Property Onboarding and Marketing

We create and set up property listings, including staging, photography, and virtual 3D tours. We also attract new guests to your listings with targeted social media and PPC campaigns.

Home Care and Management

We manage all physical and logistical management aspects: professional housekeeping, FREE maintenance, and repair services, pricing optimization, license and permit management, and tax collection and remittance.

Owner Support Services

Twinity provides 24/7 owner support through multiple communication channels and a convenient online owner’s portal — all with no long-term contracts required.

Guest Experience Management

We also supply 24-hour support to your guests, including touchless and seamless check-ins plus personalized guidebooks during their stay.